Are you new to Northgate? Maybe you’ve been coming for a while but haven’t quite connected in yet? Welcome it’s so good to have you with us. 

There are opportunities for you to engage with like-minded people, with community lunches, small, groups, serving teams, special events, prayer nights and community services programs. To find out more about the opportunities to get connected fill out the Let’s connect form. 



If You are new to Northgate, we’d love to invite you along to our next Discover Northgate event, this is where you can find about who Northgate is and we can help you know who you are in Christ so that you may know your gifts and take steps to make a difference.  

Discover is a three-step process over three weeks, with the first being the senior leadership team talking about who we are as a Church and the ministry of Northgate, the second step gives you the opportunity to discover your design, what your giftings are and your passion so that we may help you discover purpose and make a difference.  The third step is getting you connected within Northgate so that you can live out your purpose and serve others by using your God given gifts. 

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All of us explore. We are questions, we seek answers. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explores all the big questions of life with food, a talk and open discussion. 

Each session looks at a different question and is designed to create conversations. Alpha is a safe place to explore Christianity, to ask questions, to participate in discussions and to chat about life’s big questions together. 

Explore life, faith, meaning and more, try Alpha. 

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Baptism is a life changing event for followers of Jesus, it is a public declaration, a step of obedience that as a church we like to celebrate together. 

We are able to run a baptism event as requested, so let us know if you wanting to know more about the process of being baptised 



Northgate has a small group program that runs through the year, these give an opportunity to know God personally and build relationships within Northgate. The small groups present various topics for you to choose from to enable everyone to find areas of interest that help to equip people to grow in knowledge and faith. Many of the small groups that have started have become life groups with strong relationships being built supporting each other in the faith and life journey. 



We will walk with you.