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Sunday26th March 2023 | Tony Versey |  Darkness - be the brave 2

Sunday26th March 2023 | Tony Versey | Darkness - be the brave 2


Our Mission...

'To Empower a Community of People to Demonstrate Living Proof of a Loving God'

Know God

Find Freedom

Discover Purpose

Make a Difference


Northgate Baptist Church started in the hearts of Tony and Heidi Versey in the early 2000s and officially opened up in the bar at the Silverdale Rugby Club in 2005. 

We as a people are sharing in a very old tradition of people gathering together and wondering what it looks like to centre their lives around Jesus. He has shaped our world, our morals and our ethics more than any other person in human history. We think that Jesus is still very relevant to the here and now, and offers great wisdom for our world today.

Jesus invites us to follow him and how he lived. We know that this journey is messy as we are all works in progress, but it is well worth it. Our goal as a church is ultimately to help people on this journey as they become alive to who God has made them to be.

If this sounds like something you’d want to know more about then we’d love to hear from you, or come along this Sunday.

Our Leaders


Senior Pastor Tony Versey


Community Program Coordinator Heidi Versey


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