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Justice Conference

November 2nd and 3rd

Exploring our theme Whakahoungia, ‘All Things New’, in 2018, the Justice Conference will speak powerfully into the theology of justice, that God’s love compels love for others and engagement in social justice issues. Join hundreds of Christians from diverse backgrounds across New Zealand to worship and unpack how to follow Jesus in a modern world, exploring important themes such as:

  • Our bicultural journey in action

  • Connection between Christianity and Islam

  • The economics of entrenched inequality 

  • Creativity for justice

  • Global justice and development

  • Restorative justice

  • Justice and the Earth

Located beside tree-lined Victoria Park and among a raft of cafes, the conference will attract attendees from across the country to engage with what it means to join with God in Whakahoungia: Making All Things New. More information can be found on the website here: Justice Conference 2018